Castellers de Figueres celebrating with human towers of 9 levels

Sunday October 9, Colla Castellera de Figueres celebrated their 15th anniversary and to make the day special, they had invited not only their “protectors” (padrins), Castellers de Barcelona, but also Castellers de Vilafranca.

The green team (els verds) lived up to all expectations and completed two human towers of nine levels (3d9f and 4d9f) followed by a 5d8. The last construction was somehow a preparation for the 5d9 Castellers de Vilafranca plan to attempt in Sitges, October 22.

Castellers de Barcelona completed 5d7, 4d8 and 4d7a.

The top achievement of the local team, Colla Castellera de Figueres was a 4d7a, but they also completed 3d7 and 4d7. In total that sums up to their best exhibition since 2003 – quite nice birthday present.

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On the Saturday one day earlier, Castellers de Vilafranca made an exhibition in la Bisbal del Penedès. In spite of being the only team present, they built a 3d9f as their most advanced construction but also completed 4d8 and 5d8.

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